Focus on the North African countries for holidays

Image Focus on the North African countries for holidays

African countries are currently popular destinations for summer holidays. It is also a good choice of destinations for a cheap vacation. With family, in couple, with friends or alone, many countries are ready to welcome you in this warm part of the world.

The safest destinations

Traveling in North Africa offers you an extraordinary mix of landscapes, food and cultures. The countries of North Africa are similar from afar, but unique details differ in each country.

  •  Tunisia is a country that has broken the record of tourist countries in the world. Tunisia offers many wonders to spend a beautiful holiday this summer. With a cool and sunny climate, you can relax on the beautiful beaches of Djerba, visit museums in Tunis or just have a good time in Hammamet. All the cities of Tunisia have their particularity for an unforgettable holiday. Without forgetting the city of Monastir which is at some banks of Europe.
  •  Morocco and Egypt, these two countries are also the most proposed destinations for a cheap holiday. Traveling cheaply does not mean that the destination will be less interesting. Morocco and Egypt are really fascinating places to discover. Morocco and its cities make you discover a distinguished culture and a sublime landscape. On the other side, Egypt and its history are also fascinating. You will discover a beautiful story about the Nile, the pyramids and a story about the great pharaohs.
  •  Algeria: this beautiful country is between Morocco and Tunisia, and, like the other countries of the Maghreb, includes several cultures at the same time, especially following its history of 132 years of colonization by France. The largest country in Africa after Sudan, Algeria includes several landscapes, including much of the Sahara Desert and mountain ranges such as the Aurès, where there is the most fertile land in the world. These cities are home to much of the country's culture, including theaters, cinemas, the School of Fine Arts in Algiers and several examples of Algerian crafts, which is rich and diverse. Carpets, basketry, pottery, jewelry, brassware and embroidery are all part of this culture.

When to go or plan a trip

For most destinations, the ideal time to pack is summer; however, each country has its perfect seasons to travel. The best time to visit Tunisia is spring between March and June and autumn in September or October.

During this season, the sun is at its strongest, but the breezes come to calm the intense heat. Spring, April and May, and the beginning of autumn in October are good seasons to plan a trip to Morocco. In this way, you will avoid rains as well as cold days.

In Algeria, the only recommendation is to avoid coming between January and April. These are the cold rainy months during which, it is very difficult to move and enjoy your stay in the country fully.

Go on a road trip

If there are several ways to travel to all these countries of North Africa, the car remains the best option. Rent your car on Opodo, an online travel agency, and discover the accounts of the Arabian Nights in your own way. The roads are almost all passable, which makes the movement easy. In addition, to book your hotels on the spot, Opodo is at your disposal.